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EGD 032: Advising Gaming Startups In Legal Matters With Ilkka Perheentupa

Ilkka Perheentupa is the founding partner of Avance Attorneys, a Helsinki, Finland based law firm, who has represented several Nordic gaming companies, including Next Games, Seriously, Small Giant Games, Traplight and Snowprint Studios. Ilkka has worked with gaming entrepreneurs for several years, and we will now discuss the different aspects that can come up in the early and later stages of gaming startups.

Topics that we cover:

  • Staring: Just starting off with a few founders, what are the key components that the founders should be thinking about?
  • Investors: When you have investors on board, how can founders making a decision, for example on an exit?
  • Hiring: what’s different for a small games startup, compared to a big corp?
  • Advisors: When you have a person who isn’t an employee, what matters here?
  • Disputes: What are some of the common disputes that can come up for games companies?
  • Getting Legal Counsel: How should game company founders approach getting legal advice?