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EGD 031: Bootstrapping a Hyper Casual Startup with Riley Andersen Co-Founder CEO Umami Games

Riley Andersen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Umami Games, a hyper-casual games startup from Copenhagen Denmark. Riley has been in the games industry for a few years now, but she has already started two games companies and is working quickly towards the right game with the right KPIs.

Topics that we cover:

  • Can you talk about your first company, how you started it and what happened with the company?
  • What did you learn from your first company?
  • Hyper casual, what is interesting about developing these games?
  • What improvements should happen in the field of hyper casual?
  • Thinking about diversity and multiculturalism in the games industry, how have you seen things develop in the recent years?
  • Culture: should new joiners be a culture fit, or should they be considered a culture add?
  • Firing: your best performer ever is also the most toxic person you’ve ever met. What do you do?

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