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EGD 033: On A Mission To Do Something Good with Steffen Kabbelgaard Co-Founder and CEO of BetaDwarf

Steffen Kabbelgaard is the co-founder and CEO of BetaDwarf, an online game studio based out of Copenhagen Denmark. Steffen and his team have been slowly cooking their games company and they just recently announced their Series A round of funding. BetaDrawf is a unique games company and we’ll now hear the company story from Steffen himself.
Topic that we cover:

  • How can you learn and change things quickly, without the people in the company being left behind mentally?
  • What is your approach to learning and personal growth?
  • Was the change from premium to free-to-play hard for you and the team?
  • Metrics on PC free-to-play, how are they different from mobile free-to-play?
  • What have been the worst 24h for you in running your own company?
  • Hierarchy or flat organization, and why?