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EGD 012: Growing a Profitable Games Company with Mariina Hallikainen CEO of Colossal Order

Mariina Hallikainen – Photography: Saana Säilynoja

Today I talk with Mariina Hallikainen, the CEO of Colossal Order, a Tampere, Finland based company that developed the hugely successful game Cities: Skylines in 2015.

Mariina is a first-time CEO of a games company with 24 people, and she has been learning everything on the job. This is a really interesting discussion, and couldn’t be more pleased with all the insights that Mariina shares with us.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • You were new to running a games company. How did you learn to do it?
  • What was work like before Cities: Skylines came out? Versus now?
  • How do you operate as a CEO of Colossal Order? What is your leadership style?
  • How do you approach risk taking?
  • Do you discuss the values? How much do they come up?
  • How are your approaching new projects and growing the company?
  • Where do you see the opportunities for Colossal in the market?
  • Do you have a story that shaped you in how you approach your work?

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