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Summary of H1 2023

Joakim Achrén — June 30, 2023

The significant change in the first half of 2023 was the rebranding of the visuals of Elite Game Developers. The logo changed a bit, and the website got a fresh look. Here’s a video that Kari from Minimum Viable Brands did after me and him collaborated on the rebranding.

Here are my favorite pieces that I shared during the first half of 2023.

Most read EGD News

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🔟 10 lessons from my gaming angel syndicate

😞 My failure in mentoring

🤙 PMF or Bust: The New Reality of Fundraising

📱 Creating Forever Games: The Dream of Hybrid Casual Developers


My favorite Tweets from H1 2023 were:


These are my favorite posts on LinkedIn.

Podcasts I visited

Earlier in 2023, I visited several podcasts.

This one was so much fun to do. On the Game Thinking Academy podcast, I shared my experiences and insights as a games investor. Topics covered include my angel decision-making, my journey before and after Supercell, how founders can attract investor attention, identifying red flags in gaming entrepreneurs, common mistakes made by gaming entrepreneurs, current and emerging gaming trends, and much more.

On the The Weird Club podcast, I shared insights on the current fundraising landscape of 2023, highlighting what is happening to pre-seed companies. I explored the challenges of building successful gaming companies that could reach a value of a billion dollars. From a personal perspective, I shared my life philosophy, emphasizing the value of Stoicism and a growth mindset. I also discussed my approach to investing, focusing on founder motivations, dynamics, and the potential pitfalls of being “market obsessed.”

On the Future of Gaming podcast, I talked about the learnings I've developed from investing in dozens of gaming startups. It was fun to be on a podcast with two other investors, because it gave me to opportunity to ask them questions on topics that don't often get covered on gaming podcasts.

Final words

That’s it for the first half of 2023. I’m looking forward to sharing more about gaming startups in the second half. I wish you all a great summer!