EGD 061: Culture and People in Gaming with Daniel McLaren

The podcast was recorded in August 2020.

Daniel McLaren is the Senior Manager of Live Operations at ArenaNet. I’ve known Daniel for a while now, ever since he was working in a games company here in Helsinki. He then moved back to the States to work on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Daniel is one of those people who really love the industry and the people who make games. We talk about culture, hiring, and dealing with hard times.

Topics that we cover include

  • What are the types of people in gaming?
  • Have you started to recognize what is a good culture fit for you?
  • Team work: How do you prefer to work in a game team? What do you expect from others?
  • What is still hard about remote work for a gaming creative process?
  • What are some easy ways to take down a strong culture?