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Non-disclosure Agreement (One-sided)

Non-disclosure Agreement (One-sided)

The long asked for non-disclosure agreement template for Elite Game Developers is finally here. I’m first releasing the one-sided NDA template and we will come back to mutual NDA at a later point.

To find out more about the NDA, check out my instruction video on how to fill in the NDA with the needed details.

Here are some important details.

  • Term of confidentiality obligations. The template sets a five-year term when the receiving party can’t disclose the information that they are receiving. You can agree on three years, but I would suggest not going below three, as, at that point, most things related to gaming have often come to become public knowledge anyway.
  • Individual or company. You can use this template for either a recipient that is a company or an individual. Just remember to remove all the bits and pieces that aren’t required.

Get the NDA by filling out the form below.