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Most read articles on EGD in H1/2020

For some holiday reading, I thought I’d send out my most read articles of H1 2020. 

  1. 9 lessons for understanding gaming investors https://elitegamedevelopers.com/9-lessons-for-understanding-gaming-investors-q-a/
  2. “Start with Why” for gaming entrepreneurs https://elitegamedevelopers.com/start-with-why-for-gaming-entrepreneurs/
  3. Gaming Startup Cashflow https://elitegamedevelopers.com/gaming-startup-cashflow/
  4. How To Avoid Risks In A Gaming Startup https://elitegamedevelopers.com/how-to-avoid-risks-in-a-gaming-startup/
  5. Stock options in a gaming startup https://elitegamedevelopers.com/stock-options-for-a-gaming-startup/
  6. 10 Reasons Why Investors Say NO https://elitegamedevelopers.com/10-reasons-why-investors-say-no/
  7. Retention Metrics in Free-To-Play https://elitegamedevelopers.com/retention-metrics-in-free-to-play/
  8. 7 Ways A Gaming Startup Can Show Traction https://elitegamedevelopers.com/7-ways-a-gaming-startup-can-show-traction/
  9. Magical Pairs In Game Development https://elitegamedevelopers.com/magical-pairs/
  10. Games startup funding during a pandemic https://elitegamedevelopers.com/games-startup-funding-during-a-pandemic/
  11. 4 ways hyper-casual games have benefited the gaming industry https://elitegamedevelopers.com/4-ways-hyper-casual-games-have-benefited-the-gaming-industry/
  12. How to make a video game https://elitegamedevelopers.com/how-to-make-a-video-game/
  13. How To Work With Gaming Startup Advisors https://elitegamedevelopers.com/how-to-work-with-gaming-startup-advisors/
  14. Sales Projections For Premium PC Games https://elitegamedevelopers.com/sales-projections-for-premium-pc-games/
  15. How to be an angel investor in the games industry https://elitegamedevelopers.com/how-to-be-an-angel-investor-in-the-games-industry/

The top three is very diverse in topics, which is great to see! 
Some additional thoughts on these:

  • The “Start With Why” article is definitely my favorite and I’ll definitely cover the beginnings of startups more during H2
  • “Magical Pairs” was the hardest to write
  • “How to make a video game” is great but deserves a followup
  • I’m wondering why “Sales Projections For Premium PC Games” is so low on the reads. Need to boost that one!

Hope you enjoyed these and please check out the ones you’ve missed.

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