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How To Get Investor Money For Gaming Startup

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Chat history from the webinar:

00:04:40 Person1: morning
00:05:02 Person2: hello
00:06:24 Person2: will you make slides available afterward
00:35:12 Person3: I agree you shouldn’t sell too cheap. BUT, We did our first seed round with 100k€ valuation which saved the company by getting active business angels on board (y 2014). It’s all about how active those angels will be and what they will do for the Company.
00:36:05 Person3: Getting over 1m valuation can be difficult without good track record from the industry, or great working prototypes
00:50:43 Person4: Can VC help with managing the funds for you?
00:56:14 Person3: If no experience they will look at your attitude and plans. Of course, valuation drops significantly
00:59:38 Person5: Instead of seeking VC or Angel money, is it still possible to find publishers that can partly fund the games?
01:02:01 Person6: I think my response did not get through 😀 But yes Sila it is possible to fund games with publishers. I know companies that have 3 games in the pipeline already fully funded by publishers only
01:04:36 Person2: thanks for sharing your experience, Joakim!
01:05:05 Person4: thanks