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EGD 054: How To Develop Games Differently with Simon Hill, General Manager of Voodoo UK

Today I’m talking with Simon Hill, the General Manager of Voodoo’s UK studios. Just a few months ago, Simon’s company Gumbug merged with Voodoo and his company became their UK studios. In this episode, Simon shares his learnings from game development. What short game development cycles and getting out of the door quickly has meant for his efforts, and what he’s learned from hyper-casual.

Topics that we discuss include:

  • Where did you want to put your effort into, to do things differently than other developers?
  • As an entrepreneur who’s managed to take their company under the wings of a bigger one, what did you learn from that process?
  • Why do you think the best companies in hyper-casual are UA companies?
  • What are the opportunities for personal development at a company like Voodoo?
  • What is an optimal green-light process for a game concept to go into development?
  • Can a games company apply Pixar’s BrainTrust process to game development?