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Hi 👋, I’m Joakim Achrén.

Welcome to Elite Game Developers.

  • I’m a gaming entrepreneur from Helsinki, Finland.
  • I started my first video games company in 2005, ran it for six years before it failed. Then I went to work at Supercell, before founding my second company, Next Games in 2013. 
  • In 2019 I left Next Games to start Elite Game Developer, with the mission of helping gaming founders build successful gaming companies.
  • Where you can find me? I spend lots of time on Twitter. I sometimes say that “I think in Tweets”. It’s been the best place to grow a community, learn new things, and just talk to people.
  • Besides my weekly blog articles, every Monday I publish a new podcast episode.
  • On Fridays, I send out the “EGD News”, a newsletter aimed to bring you the content that sharpens your knowledge on the gaming industry and enables readers to have my perspective on what is happening with gaming startups, funding, and M&A.
  • Also, my book “Long Term Game: How to build a video games company” came out in March 2020. You can order your copy from here.