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EGD Special: Innovation in Mobile Game Ads

EGD Special: Innovation in Mobile Game Ads

I recently a webinar with Erik Bryant from Opera Event and Steven Chard from Luna Labs, on the topic of mobile game ad creatives. Both companies are at the forefront of innovative mobile game ads, and I wanted to explore several topics on how game developers can utilize game creatives to win players over.

Topics that we cover

  • So Steve, why did you choose to focus on playable ads?
  • And Erik, how did you come with the influencer-generated video ads?
  • How did you get the business off the ground? Who were the early adopters and what problem of theirs were you fixing?
  • Why does innovation matter when mobile game developers are thinking of running game ads? Why not just stick to regular banner and video ads?
  • Where does innovation in ad creatives matter the most? When the game is in soft launch? When it’s starting to scale? When it already big and wants to scale some more?
  • How is it different for game devs to work with you? Let’s start first with you Steve and then Erik?
  • If someone wants to start innovating with mobile game ads, what advice would you have for them besides using your solution? 🙂

Highlights from this episode

“When building playables, try to connect with your users on an emotional level. Use parts of your game mechanics and experiment with them to create something that really resonates” – Steve Chard, Luna Labs

“And a lot of people will test on Facebook and sometimes that’s like a creative graveyard, which, which kind of stinks because creatives can can work very well outside of Facebook and just not work well on Facebook. It’s a it can be a black box sometimes.”, Erik Bryant, Opera Event