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EGD News #11 (Jan 10th 2020)

It’s Joakim here. Greetings from Helsinki, where the winter sun is up and we got some frost on the windows. Really loving the colder weather ❤️🥶

For Elite Game Developers, 2020 will be all about online courses. I’m currently spending most of my time planning a new course that will launch in April. This course has the working title of “Games Company Identity”, where participants will learn techniques to discover the purpose of their games company, why it should exist and how that is used to build successful games companies.

I’m writing an article about the course, and that article will go out next week. In the meantime, you should check out a few of the free Elite Game Developer short courses already available.

FREE: Games Entrepreneur FAQ – I’m constantly being bombarded by questions from games industry people who want to start games companies, on what they should do about this and that. I compiled the top questions into this short online course. Check it out for free.

FREE: Start With Why – I wanted to talk more about the “Start with why” concept that I recently wrote an article about. This course talks about how you can apply the “Start with why” method to gaming. Check it out for free.

If you’re interested in online courses and would like to see a certain gaming topic being created into an online course, let me know your thoughts by filling this form: Click here to open up the Google Form

Our Latest Article

How to avoid risks in a gaming startup — Part 1 – I recently did a lecture in the city of Oulu, on the topic of risks in running a gaming startup and how you could avoid them. I’ve split the lecture into three articles and this is the first one, covering three key risks that can devastate your gaming startup.

Our Latest Podcasts

Investor Insights with David Gardner, General Partner at London Venture Partners — The first time I met David was when I was at Supercell and he was on the board as an investor. I was presenting something during the board meeting and he would ask something. I’ve totally forgotten what he asked, as it was such a nervous situation 😆

The next time I met him was when I was pitching Next Games to investors. We met at the Helsinki airport and had a quick first conversation. Later on, we met in London with his partners and continued to have discussions. In the end, LVP didn’t participate in our funding round, but I’ve kept a close relationship to David and often having interesting discussions with him.

This one is no different. It’s a Zoom call, both having a cup of coffee and talking about gaming. It’s definitely worth the listen!

All past episodes can be found here.

A Book Recommendation

Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It (Kamal Ravakant) — Kamal wrote the first version of the book when his startup had failed and everything was over. He wanted to come back from that. He applied the practices in this book to heal and rise again.

In the revised version which just came out this week, he has included a manual for getting more out of the methods. He talks about adapting to situations where you fall back down and other events happen in your life.

This is an important manual for smart people who can easily get lost, or fail to meet expectations and then fall down. I wish I’d written this book. It’s really great.