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EGD 059: Starting Something New with Emily Greer, Co-Founder and CEO of Double Loop

Today I’m talking with Emily Greer, the co-founder, and CEO of Double Loop, a mobile games company based out of San Francisco, California. Emily got into gaming when she co-founded Kongregate in 2006. Emily has seen all the sides of online gaming, all the way from the early days of Flash gaming portals. In this episode, we talk about female founders, data-driven game development, culture, and team, and what it’s like to raise money from investors.

Topics that we cover include:

  • You had a mission at Kongregate to help independent publishers. Do you believe that having a just cause like that helped you to stay in the game when Flash was getting killed and you had to get creative with how you’re going to work on mobile?
  • During your time at Kongregate, how did you learn to be a CEO?
  • You are structuring a new team, and also building a culture at Double Loop. What is new and what are you bringing from Kongregate?
  • You are in SF. How do you see the gaming scene developing in the world’s greatest tech hub? Is it all about teams becoming distributed with management based in SF? What else is happening?
  • Let’s talk about fundraising. You recently raised a round of funding. Can you walk us through the process from start to finish?