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EGD 058: Bertrand Vernizeau, Investment Partner and CEO, Game Seer

Today I’m talking with Bertrand Vernizeau, the investment partner and CEO of Game Seer, a project financing fund from Germany. Game Seer focuses on the PC and console market and they are in a very unique position to help developers in the more traditional space of gaming. We’ll now hear more from Bertrand himself.

Topics that we cover include:

  • How is Game Seer operating, more as a publisher or a VC?
  • Has there been a typical case where you have invested?
  • How do you see the Premium games market working for venture capital?
  • What kind of support that you give to your portfolio companies?
  • You hear a pitch from a PC studio, let’s say they are making a strategy game. What are the characteristics that you look for in the pitch?