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EGD 056: VC by founders with Eric Lagier, Managing Partner at byFounders

Today I’m talking with Eric Lagier, the managing partner of byFounders, a venture capital firm based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. byFounders is a “for founders by founders” venture fund built on the foundation and backing of a strong Founders Collective, comprising a significant group of some of the most successful Danish & Nordic entrepreneurs investing in and supporting a new generation of globally ambitious Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs.

Topics that we cover include:

  • What is the byFounders way of helping founders?
  • You built a career in tech in the Bay Area. What do you see as the main things that Nordic startups can learn from the scene in the Valley?
  • What are the things that you get excited about when you meet founders for the first time?
  • What does your decision-making process look like?
  • You were in startups in 2008 when the last crash happened. How do you see the Coronavirus scare being different from 2008?