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EGD 042: Game Designer's Journey with Florian Steinhoff

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Today I chat with Florian Steinhoff, a games entrepreneur and game maker from Berlin Germany. I remember seeing Florian on stage at GDC 2015 when he was presenting their learnings from developing Jelly Splash at Wooga. Already then, I noticed that he’s a really interesting game dev. Will now hear more about Florian and how he approaches making games.

Topics that we cover include:

  • What was your biggest takeaway from working on Jelly Splash, something that you still think about today?
  • You started a company after leaving Wooga, can you tell me the story of why you started the company?
  • Year of hyper-casual, bootstrapping, trying to find a game. Was it what you expected?
  • What are the realities of the mobile games market that often don’t get talked about?
  • On the product side, what do you think really matters when building mobiles games?
  • Cancelling / killing a project? What do you think is the right approach for a small startup and a big company, for killing a game? (Wooga experiences?)
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