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EGD 039: Understand your game through playtesting with Christian Ress Co-Founder and CEO of Playtestcloud

Today I’m talking Christian Ress, who is the co-founder and CEO of Playtestcloud, a playtesting service startup from Berlin, Germany. I’m fascinated by the reasons why playtests, surveys and focus groups, have always been in the shadow of metrics, as a decision-making tool. You can learn so much from reading player sentiment and observing their behavior. Will now cover this and more with Christian.

Topics that we cover include:

  • In the early days, did you clearly know what you wanted to build?
  • How did you incorporate the learnings and then build out the features going from there?
  • Why are playtests important?
  • What has been the best impact for a developer? Like what is the best way to approach analyzing the findings, that you’ve heard of?
  • Do you think that small games companies should have dedicated game user researchers?
  • If you could give one playtesting advice for early stage companies, what would that be?