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EGD 018: A One Man Games Company with Tuomas Erikoinen

Today I talking with Tuomas Erikoinen. Tuomas is a very special game developer and solo entrepreneur, who has built several games and launched them on the App Store with amazing success.

Before his company Part Time Monkey, Tuomas was a co-founder in a venture backed games company, and even earlier than that, he was part of the crue who build the first Angry Birds games.

Topics that we cover with Tuomas include:

  • Rovio days, pre-Angry and post-Angry Birds, what was that experience like for you?
  • How did you know that entrepreneurship was your thing?
  • Starting a VC backed games company called Boomlagoon. What were your experiences, what should new entrepreneurs expect?
  • Coming up with the idea, motivation to leave Boomlagoon, and experience and emotions of transitioning into something new?
  • How do you come up with game ideas?
  • Mobile platforms in 2019, great place for game devs?
  • How do you set expectations for your journey (career) in game development?
  • Are there hard moments?
  • How do you unwind from work?
  • How are you feeling about Part Time Monkey and are you happier now?

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