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EGD 015: Setting Expectations As A Games Entrepreneur with Antti Hattara Co-Founder and CEO of Starberry Games

Antti Hattara is a game developer, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Starberry Games. Antti has been doing mobile games for over 15 years and has seen things from the Java game days, how traditional game developers had to transition from building premium games to free-to-play, and how the role of Product Manager would surface.

Antti is now running his own mobile games company from Berlin, Germany, which he and his co-founders founded in 2017. In this episode, we discover Antti’s learning journey and how he approaches setting expectations that are healthy for a first-time founder.

Topics that we cover are:

  • What makes for a great product manager?
  • Investment round, how did you start it?
  • What was it like in the early stages for you as a first-time founder?
  • Do you have advice for game devs who are struggling with creating a successful game?
  • What do you think about virality and social in mobile games nowadays?
  • Did you involve the whole team with looking and understanding the numbers?
  • How do you maintain your mental health and manage stress?
  • How do you approach self-improvement as a CEO and founder?
  • What are some difficult situations that you are working on?
  • How do you set expectation and think about delayed gratification?

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