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EGD 009: Life Goes On with Lasse Seppänen, former Co-Founder and CEO of PlayRaven

Today I’m chatting with Lasse Seppänen, who was previously co-founder and CEO of PlayRaven, the developer of the Spymaster games.

I’ve personally known Lasse for over 15 years and have huge respect for him and how he has operated in companies like Sumea, Digital Chocolate, Remedy and finally PlayRaven.

Lasse and his co-founders had a unique idea for a company that they wanted to build, but had to abruptly part ways with the company at the end of 2018. We’ll now hear the full story from Lasse himself.

Topics we cover on the podcast episode with Lasse.

  • What was the idea behind the company?
  • How did you find co-founders?
  • How do approach hiring? What advise would you give to people who are just starting out with the founding team?
  • Were there any big surprises in the early days of PlayRaven?
  • You shifted from your own IP to 3rd party IP in 2016, how did that happen?
  • You guys were building a few games in partnerships 2018, but then things changed and the company was acquired by Rovio.
  • Would you have done things differently if you’d known that the partnerships didn’t go your way?
  • How has your relationship changed with the people at PlayRaven over the years working together on the company?

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